Blockley Makes a range of white walls

The problem with all white wall tyres available for classic cars is their abysmal handling.

The Blockley Tyre company was approached by the Director of HKT Reifen in Germany, asking if we would produce a white walled version tyre to the same high quality as our existing radials.

The tyre they wanted in particular was for the Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda ( W113 ) which requires the full size 80 profile 185 R 14 with an H speed rating, hence 185HR14. It was explained to us that an official of the Mercedes club in Germany had requested a better handling tyre than Michelins whitewall, and at a list price that was more realistic for the owners of the cars. How interesting that not long after we produced the Blockley 185HR14 white wall radial, that Michelins agents reduced the price of their tyre significantly!

The white wall material on our range of tyres is inlaid into the side wall of the tyre during the manufacturing process, with the Black rubber covering being machined off afterwards to ensure a crisp finish. We pay particular attention to making sure that the white stripe stays white, which can be a problem with some other brands as the parent black rubber leaches through. When White walled tyres are delivered to you there is a blue protective coating painted on the surface of the white which protects the whitewall - this is easily removed after fitting.

Our White walled versions of our tyres come from entirely separate moulds to ensure that the finish is exceptional.

 In addition to the white wall tyre produced for the W113 Mercedes Pagoda, we have also produced to date 2 other whitewall tyres: a 125 R 12 for the Fiat 500 and the 155 HR 15 for cars such as Alfa Giulietta, VW Beetle etc.