125/145x12 TR13 Inner Tube

Perfect for your Classic Fiat 500! A much better quality thicker Butyl inner tube by Blockley. No tube available today is as good as this Blockley.

Diameter 12"

(£10.80 inc. vat)


A heavier duty Butyl inner tube produced for the Classic Fiat 500 for use in our 125R12 Blockley steel belted Radial tyre. This tube is also good to fit in the larger 145R12 tyre size. Included is a metal dust cap. We have a Fiat 500 ourselves, which is why we make both th tyres and afterwards when realising how low grade even the "best quality" tubes were, embarked on making something much better.

These Blockley tubes will put a stop to inner tube failures common with everything else people fit. Even other "good quality" Butyl inner tubes are too thin in our opinion. Our Blockley tyres have been made tubeless type but the original rims were not made as tubeless wheels (with the safety ridges) so should really be fitted with tubes, but so many people have problems with tubes that they have been much better off without them! And our thicker Blockley Butyl tubes cost the same or at most £1 more than these alternatives, so we are continually surprised by how many Blockley tyres get fitted with other tubes!

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