Blockley Mini Tyres Help Seal the end of a 54 year Rallying Victory Hiatus.

When Paddy Hopkirk loaned his Monte Carlo winning Mini to Stephen Entwhistle to compete on the 2019 edition of the HERO RAC Rally of the Tests, his parting comment was, ‘You’d better win!’.. Determined that the 54 year hiatus of a Mini winning a major rally should come to an end, particularly in the models 60th Anniversary year, Stephen fitted the Mini with Blockley 16570R10 tyres all round.  They finished first out of ninety cars on a rally which was described as ‘one of the hardest yet’ by its competitors thanks to ever changing conditions of wet, ice, sleet and snow. Partnered by navigator Mark Appleton, the duo said that the Mini ran faultlessly and the tyres complimented the performance and even better, they did not incur a single puncture!  Quite a feat given that they ran the same set of tyres for the 750 mile rally which covered tarmac and gravel roads starting in Torquay and ending in Chester.  The Mini was recently on display in the Rotunda of the RAC Club at Pall Mall, London.  Presented in its unwashed state exactly how it completed the rally, it was quite a sight against the Osca that Stirling Moss drove his last ever race in. Blockley Tyres are pleased to congratulate Stephen and Mark on their recent successes and look forward to following their progress on 2020 Historic Rally events.