We have tried wherever possible to keep costs down and pass these savings on, which is why the 4.50 x 19 costs £109 compared to Michelin's 4.50 x 19 Englebert being £145 twenty years ago! We do not advertise heavily (often £1000 per page per magazine, 12 months of the year....), as this cost will only have to be passed on!

Unbelievable as this may sound The Blockley Tyre Company has in twenty years not increased a tyre price! (A drop in real terms of over 70%) especially bearing in mind that once we sold enough of a size to recoup our tooling cost we would reduce the price. The more tyre sizes we make and sell the better it is for the end user. We make tyres and tubes for a very different reason to all other 'Classic'  tyre wholesalers and we only sell what we produce, unlike any other company.

One of the major ways we have been able to keep our prices stable is to sell direct to the end user, without using the services of any of these 'Classic' tyre wholesalers, who require a substantial markup which we consequently do not have to include in our prices.

In the UK we do resell products through MWS in Slough who are wheel builders and as such not your typical Tyre dealer and in the twenty years of dealing with them we have found them straightforward, honest and free from the politics surrounding the different camps of the 'Old' vehicle world.

 Please note that my tyres are not available from any other tyre wholesaler in the UK, even though Longstone Tyres and Vintage Tyre Supplies claim to supply all makes of tyres! And also note that we do supply many trade customers throughout the world.


Once a size is produced, we have a policy never to run out of stock. This is because this The Blockley Tyre Company Limited is not run by accountants! 

If you would like Blockley to produce a size we don't presently make we would be pleased to discuss the matter further.