Global Shipping

We ship our Blockley brand tyres, tubes and other products all over the world, on a daily basis. We use a variety of shipping providers to ensure the best price for our customers.

Radial Quality Guarantee

The Blockley tyre company designs and manufactures tyres and associated parts for a very different reason to everything else available. Our low selling price (which has not been increased in 20 years) is mainly due to selling direct to the end user rather than using the services of 'Classic' tyre wholesalers. So please do not worry about the low prices!

The New Blockley Beaded Edge Range

Other tyre suppliers recommend that to ensure reliability,  owners of early pre-war cars should not run Beaded Edge tyres - we agree, this is because everything previously produced has been so poor and overseen by people who are salesmen, not engineers.

Blockley Makes a range of white walls

The problem with all white wall tyres available for classic cars is their abysmal handling.

The Blockley Tyre company was approached by the Director of HKT Reifen in Germany, asking if we would produce a white walled version tyre to the same high quality as our existing radials.

Blockley Only sell Blockley Products

People are suprised to find out that The Blockley Tyre company, unlike every other 'Classic' Tyre wholesaler, only sells products that we design and produce.

Beaded Edge Breakthrough for Bentley Racer

Owner and racer of one of the most historic early racing Bentleys, Richard Frankel has enjoyed a remarkable change of fortune with regard to tyre use on his car. Richard and his brother, motoring journalist, Andrew Frankel, have regularly campaigned his 1921 3 litre TT Bentley in a variety of pre-war events including circuit races at Goodwood Revival, Donington Park and Silverstone.

Blockley Shod Fiat 500 completes Enthusiasts Club ‘Circuit Historique de Laon Tour' on 125 R12 white walls

Laura Shirley is a keen Fiat 500 Club UK member and recently completed 714 Blockley Tyre shod miles on the Club’s Circuit Historique de Laon tour. Hers was one of nine UK based cars that travelled out to Chimay and took in the circuit de Laon. Her 500 F model is fitted with four 125 R12 white wall tyres and she received lots of positive comments about the look of her car, Laura said, "Lots of people have said how lovely the tyres are on the car, they stand out well and that they look really good. They like the fact that the white wall is moulded into the main construction of the tyre and as it has been known that the clip on white walls come off and then damage the bodywork of the car as the tyre goes round spinning the plastic white wall".

Early Days

This basis of this article dates back to 2002, and of course much has gone on with Blockley since then:

I believe the one thing that really lets down the overall appearance of our cars is the tyres fitted to them. As a result I started looking into what I'd really like from a tyre and then approached the manager at Dunlop to see if they would be interested in producing something along my ideas. After a lack-luster reaction I later offered to pay for one of the moulds, which seemed to be the sticking point, but there was still no interest. When the manager was later replaced I made a point of seeing his successor (the present incumbent) but, again, to no avail.

VSCC Newsletter 2002

Well known Bugatti racer and VSCC committee member, Julian Majzub, has recently launched a new tyre collection trading under the name of (Blockley) Tyre Limited. The company has been formed mainly as a result of Julian's frustration with existing tyre availability which has stemmed from three vital considerations. Firstly, Julian feels that vintage cars benefit from having access to an all-in-one road and race type tyre that is thus suitable for both disciplines.

Conflict with Dunlop

As some of you may know, I have changed the name of my tyres to Blockley due to an objection raised by the solicitors acting on behalf of Dunlop Tyres Ltd.