Why are tyres dual marked ?
Have you ever been confused or wondered why tyres are often marked with multiple sizes on them such as 500/600x19? Or you order a 550x18 tyre and what arrives is marked up 525/550x18 or 550/600x18 on the sidewall?

Tips on fitting your wire wheels

Valve stem diameters and uses

For most "old car" applications the valve stem hole in the wheel rims come in 3 sizes, which are nominally:

Tyre size Equivalents

Some useful approximations for tyre sizing

Why are metal valve caps safer?

Blockley include metal valve caps with our inner tubes as standard. Why do we do this?

Blockley Radial Sidewall labeling

Blockley Radial Sidewall labeling

Why high speed rating?

We are often asked why all Blockley radial tyres have such high speed ratings - typically H (130mph / 210kph) V (149mph / 240kph) or W (168mph / 270kph), even on tyre sizes which are fitted to vehicles with significantly lower achievable speeds.