Blockley Only sell Blockley Products

People are often surprised to find out that The Blockley Tyre company, unlike every other 'Vintage and Classic' Tyre outlet, only supplies tyres, tubes and rim bands that we design and produce. In other words, only Blockley products. A unique situation. Blockley was started to produce only the very best.

And this is how we have managed over the decades to never increase a tyre price! Another unique situation. As costs and overheads increase year on year so have our sales, which has offset the effect and enabled us to (so far) keep Blockley tyre prices dormant. And what is more, as some of the mould and tooling costs have gradually got paid off we have been able to further reduce the prices we sell at.

The way we operate clearly demonstrates that Blockley Tyre Co. exists for wholly different reasons to every other tyre producer. Because we do not have to build in the considerable "Vintage and Classic tyre" Wholesaler / resellers margins to our list prices, that is how it is possible to supply the very best product that is possible to make at what is now an incredibly low price. It is rare and almost unheard of that the best of anything can almost cost the least in a Capitalist system, and we are an example of this.

Blockley Tyre Co was started only because the tyres available from the "big boys" was not up to scratch, while further expansion of our range was encouraged by their tactics to wipe us out. And whereas the Wholesaler resellers that we do not deal with operate with profit at their core, everything Blockley makes is only about quality and authenticity and making it as good as can be done. Ultimately we are also the end users of these products. But in order for Blockley tyres to also be great value to the end user, this can only happen by us selling our products direct to the end user.