Blockley Only sell Blockley Products

Many customers are often surprised to find out that The Blockley Tyre company, unlike every other 'Vintage and Classic' Tyre wholesaler outlet in the world, only supplies tyres, tubes and rim bands that we design and produce. In other words, only our incredible quality Blockley products. A unique situation. Blockley was started to produce only the very best, and only because we were unimpressed with what was available, including those from the better known "named brands" like Dunlop, Michelin, Vredestine and so on. And we find it interesting how much of what we do and say gets copied by our competitors!

And over the decades we have managed never increase a tyre price! A rather unbelievable situation, which shows how different a company we are. Big corporations do a lot of talking of their devotion and "passion" for their craft and customers, advertise heavily and so on, but as we all really know talk is so cheap, and all that corporate talk is written by the sales department. And this is what led to a company like Blockley being started by an individual car enthusiast (with an Engineering background) to start making a genuinely decent no compromise product. As costs and overheads increase year on year so have our sales, which has offset the effect of our diminishing margins and enabled us to (so far) keep Blockley tyre prices dormant. And what is more, as some of the mould and tooling costs have gradually got paid off we have been able to further reduce the prices we sell at. We are ultimately a business, yet understand that the "rip off" model that has been going on for decades from the Classic tyre industry, who have had it pretty good for many decades, is no longer acceptable. But the efforts to shut down the Blockley project by our competitors has been and is still immense, which is partially why we are encouraged to make so many sizes now, with everything we make of superlative quality, which we are able to sell at realistic prices because the reason for starting Blockley was not money driven.

The way we operate demonstrates that Blockley Tyre Co. exists for wholly different reasons to every other tyre producer or wholesaler. Corporate talk is cheap, and we see rather a lot of it, especially now that the Chinese government is getting involved in the Classic tyre market with their aggressively marketed Pirelli, but with Blockley anyone can observe that our ways of doing business are different and wholesome, ploughing our own furrow so to speak. Because we do not have to build in the considerable "Vintage and Classic tyre" Wholesaler / resellers margins to our list prices, it really is possible to supply our unbelievable product at what is great value to like minded end users. It is unusual for the best of anything to cost pretty much the least in a Capitalist system, but Blockley is a rare example of this. We guarantee you cannot buy anything better than what we make, so when you find tyres at twice the price of what we sell for, or even the same price, don't believe the "chat" of the salesman who is desperate for their super-fat commission! Why else do you think they offer free postage and heavily subsidised postage across Europe? Because the product itself has plenty of margin in there to do this, and people have been convinced that what matters is brand name.

Just remember whereas the Wholesaler resellers that we do not deal with operate with profit at their core, everything Blockley makes is only about quality and authenticity and making the product itself as good as it can possibly be, and sold at a price that covers the overheads (with minimal advertising) because we do all this for very different reasons, and as mentioned. And of course ultimately we are also the end users of these products ourselves, so we know what it has to be. It is still a mystery to us why anyone would want buy anything else other than a Blockley tyre or inner tube, unless they did not know about the existence of the 60 or so Blockley tyre sizes currently produced. On an almost daily basis we are told, even by people we know well, "but we didn't know you made that size . . ."