Blockley Shod Fiat 500 completes Enthusiasts Club ‘Circuit Historique de Laon Tour' on 125 R12 white walls

Laura Shirley is a keen Fiat 500 Club UK member and recently completed 714 Blockley Tyre shod miles on the Club’s Circuit Historique de Laon tour. Hers was one of nine UK based cars that travelled out to Chimay and took in the circuit de Laon. Her 500 F model is fitted with four 125 R12 white wall tyres and she received lots of positive comments about the look of her car, Laura said, "Lots of people have said how lovely the tyres are on the car, they stand out well and that they look really good. They like the fact that the white wall is moulded into the main construction of the tyre and as it has been known that the clip on white walls come off and then damage the bodywork of the car as the tyre goes round spinning the plastic white wall".

This was not the first rally for this particular set of tyres however, indeed, she fitted them in April 2017 and completed over 2,100 miles on a series of Club organised trips around the UK that year. These included a four day, 524 mile tour of Snowdonia and the Plymouth Tour of some 520 miles around Tavistock, Torpoint Ferry and Brentnor. Laura has also displayed and driven her car at two high profile race meetings, Silverstone Classic and was part of the special parade at Goodwood Revival 2017 to celebrate the model’s 60th Anniversary. Her car had to be turned out to its best ability for three morning track parades to open the course for racing along with 130 fellow Fiat 500 examples. The main highlight of her 2017 year for the car was the Fiat 500 Club UK 25th Anniversary Event at Wicksteed Park near Kettering and the season concluded with the November Regents Street Show in London to which Laura drove the car from her Oxfordshire home.

This set of tyres has now covered 3,584 miles and Laura commented on the durability of the Blockley rubber, "The tyres are wearing evenly and are not wearing out quickly, they are not at all noisy which is important when driving long distances. I'm most impressed with the handling which feels really good on the road in the dry and the wet - overall it's a great tyre and I'm already planning next year's adventures to Scotland, Cornwall and the Channel Islands and have every confidence that the current fitted set of tyres will have plenty of wear left for many more trips to come".