Global Shipping

We ship our Blockley brand tyres, tubes and other products all over the world, on a daily basis. We use a variety of shipping providers to ensure the best price for our customers.

There are very few things in life that are for free, and rest assured that Shipping and Postage costs for tyres has never been one of them! When you observe "Free post" being offered with tyres it is because the postage cost is already massaged into the price of the tyres.  The other trick used is to charge a low token postage rate well below the actual cost to make a customer think they are getting a "good deal" which no one else can match.  With Blockley in over 20 years our tyre prices did not increase, only reduced as we sold enough of a size to recoup tooling costs. And neither has the cost of postage / shipping ever been massaged into our tyres. Blockley do not partake in any of these clever marketing games that go on with the rest of the Classic car tyre world. The quality of all Blockley products is second to none, and the only relevant factor as far as price is concerned is what the overall cost of everything is in your hands, ie not whether the postage was free or not! Grown ups really do understand this, but free postage or too low a postage price can still catch people out - which is why they do this! It's the overall cost with the product in your possesion that counts. The only time there is genuinely no postage cost at Blockley is if a customer collects in person!

Delivery cost varies depending on your location. Our online shopping system allows you to find out what this is and therefore the total cost for everything.

Currently within the UK the postage price is automatically calculated. If you enter a location outside the UK we will provide a quote for shipping as part of the checkout process.

To do this we actually contact our shipping partners to find the best price - once we have the price you will be emailed and can view the quote and continue the purchase process. There is no vat charged on goods leaving the UK.

We send all Blockley tyres and tubes directly from Blockley to the customer rather than have agencies in different countries (although there are a couple of exceptions) . This way the end user (YOU) gets the best product product made at the lowest cost. Goods are sent out daily from Blockley during week days Monday to Fridays.