The New Blockley Beaded Edge Range

In recent times the "specialist" tyre suppliers advise that owners of Vintage, Edwardian and Veteran cars should avoid the use of Beaded Edge (Clincher) tyres for anything other than mild use, or perhaps just for standing the car on.  And then recommend that for using the cars later well base wheels and tyres be fitted . This will be because none of these specialists can supply Blockley beaded edge / Clincher tyres and tubes, because we will not supply them. Blockley supplies these direct to the end user of workshop. Many of these Wholesaler specialists also have their own tyre brands, designed by themselves, which is why they can advise they should not be used -- these people are self trained salesmen with no engineering background, and the tyres they get made abundantly reflect this !

At Blockley we disagree with the "advice" these so called experts pontificate!  The Blockley range of beaded edge tyres are nothing short of the best beaded edge tyres ever produced. Any car fitted with beaded edge (often referred to as Clincher in the USA) in period can now revert back to the correct fitments, and use them with total confidence, as many have now done, including ourselves.

Blockley Tyre Co. embarked on the production of a superlative range of beaded edge / Clincher tyres only due to the dire situation of what was on offer from all the tyre wholesaler. Because we use Cincher type tyres ourselves, we needed something reliable and of decent quality compared to what these self styled experts were offering us, because there was nothing for sale that we would want to put on any cars.

After considerable research, coupled with our experience with this period of cars, over a ten year development programme, we got to the bottom of why the situation was as it was, and produced our first size, which after thorough testing showed it to be a truly fantastic product.  All of our tooling, including the moulds, are newly built from scratch to our designs (which is the case with any Blockley Tyre size we make) and to our specifications to ensure an absolutely no compromise product, which cannot be surpassed! And unlike every single other outfit selling beaded edge tyres, Blockley produces a bespoke correctly fitting individual inner tube for every tyre size, whereas the others have a few sizes with a lot of tyre sizes written on them! But when a beaded edge tube has "Michelin" written on it, people assume it must be good, even although one tube may have 5 or so sizes written on it . . .

Blockley Beaded Edge tyres are  constructed with robust sidewalls and correct taller dimensions, and all this combined with a carefully designed period looking tread patterns designed in house. Unbelievably, people can now achieve truly terrific mileages along with excellent levels of grip, as one would expect from a Blockley product.  And Blockley beaded edge tyres all have the correct period diameters -  unlike other brands available - these smaller diameters being a result of cheaper manufacture - at best being worried about the tyre coming off more easily, or just being ignorant of what they should be. 

If your car has been updated to later well base wheels, you can now revert back to Beaded Edge tyres with confidence with all the advantages of lighter steering and a far better looking product, as was intended by the car manufacturers in period. And by sticking with the wheels you have you save the expense and trouble of having new wheels made. If you are going back to beaded edge, at least we live in a time when there are excellent wheel rims produced (contact us for advice) which we can put you on to.

It is interesting to note that not so long ago Michelin produced a huge range of Beaded Edge tyres . This large company had so much trouble and so many complaints that  Michelin solved the problem by axing  production and ceasing selling them, rather than work out how to get to the bottom of the problems. But Michelin still carried on with their incorrectly sized tubes which are unfortunately sold to this day, rather than stop supplying these as well. There is more to making a good beaded tyre than meets the eye, and this is why Blockley Tyre Company exists. Apart from beaded edge / clincher type tyres we also produce other cross ply, straight sided, radial and even millimetric sizes for cars as late as the 1980's. So when these so called expert salesmen tell you that brand is everything, and Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli invented tyres and radials and so on, remember that was a long time ago and irrelevant. Britain invented cricket and football, but that doesn't mean the UK are the best at it today either!

And remember that because Blockley sell our products direct to the end user (and through some carefully selected outlets) all our tyres cost no more than anything else available, and the Blockleys are often considerably less because there is no "middle man tax" added. Interestingly since our Blockley beaded edge range have become available the Classic tyre wholesalers have slashed their prices and give discounts on top without even asking, as well as now offering their lack lustre inner tubes free with the tyres. Plus there is a lot of subsidising of UK prices going on, when you compare the lower prices in the UK compared with what Coker charges in the USA! Why do you think this is happening all of a sudden? But this doesn't change the situation that the Blockleys are the best tyres and perfect in every way, and because we sell direct without the involvement of these middle men, who have had it very good for so long,  we can sell a far superior product at a lower price to the end user, and ultimately it is only the end user that we are making our tyres for. So even with these shenanigans, their products are still no different to why Blockley needed to finally made a well researched range of wholesome beaded edge tyres.