Tyres and Tubes

All Blockley Tyre Company the products we have are designed and produced by Blockley Tyre Co. Everything we make is the best that can be made, otherwise there would be no point in getting involved to make them.
We are therefore very different from any other Classic tyre wholesaler, only selling the products that we design and make.
Our Blockley company was started because we were disappointed with what else was available, and as classic car enthusiasts and owners ourselves we want the best products, which we can sell direct to the end user. Not using the Classic Tyre wholesalers in between Blockley and you the customer, we are able to sell the very best products, which cost more to produce, at a realistic price to the people who will actually be using them. Note that we certainly do not sell via Longstone Tyres (which we did for a short period in the early 2000's before we had put a stop to this) or Vintage Tyres (formerly Vintage Tyre Supplies) at Beaulieu.

Blockley Beaded Edge

Beaded Edge Tyres

Blockley Crossply

Crossply tyres

Blockley Radial Tyres

Radial tyres

Straight Sided Tyres

Straight sided tyres

Inner Tubes

Inner tubes

Rim Bands

Rim bands