15/16 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

Blockley 15/16" best quality Rim Band, for use with wire wheels, and can also be used on steel wheels where the wheel well is in poor or rough condition. This rim band is suitable for two wheel rim sizes of 15" and 16 inches.  Note that rim bands sold elsewhere are a one size fits all and cover a much larger range of wheel sizes, and also cost considerably more than the Blockley rim bands!

(£3.96 inc. vat)


At Blockley we supply our own rim bands, rather than sourcing what is already produced, because often the available rim bands are feathered in thickness  at the edges. We find this darker coloured material goes hard over a period of time and these thin edges act like razor blades which can cut the inner tube (and the fingers of whoever gets to replace them one day).
The Blockley rim bands, on the other hand, are made from a softer compound and the edges are square cut at the full thickness which stops this problem occurring. This level of attention to detail (as with all our products) really is important. Also other bands offered cover a large range of wheel sizes, the same whether for a 14" or 17" wheel, so now you see why it is we produce our own rim bands. Rim bands are only necessary in the wheel well of wire wheels, where exposed spoke heads are present. Insulation tape really is not adequate (this also goes hard around the spoke head dimples and cuts the tube), so always use Blockley rim band. 

Note that the rim bands only fit only in the rim well. On any standard wire wheel the dimples on the outside of the wheel rim will get get covered by the bead of the tyre and as such the inner tube is protected from them. We have been asked by frustrated customers on a number of occasions how to get the bands to stay there. . . Rim bands have also been used on occasion on standard rims when there is corrosion in the middle of the wheel rim, which helps protct the tube.

Note that we also produce a wider 15/16" rim band for the Borrani wheels that have the much wider wells in the rim.