15/16 inch Rim Band (60mm wide)

Wider Blockley Rim Band for 15 inch and 16 inch wheels, made especially for the Borrani rims. The Borranis often have an extra wide wheel well.

(£3.60 inc. vat)


We were asked to make these rim bands by a German company who could not source anything.  our 15 /16" bands are normally narrower than this to fit standard wheel rims. We make our large range Blockley bands because we want to keep an eye on the quality as we are selling these alongside our inner tubes and tyres, so we insist on teh best.
The Blockley rim bands are made from a softer compound and the edges are square cut at the full thickness, which stops any issues we have seen with other rim bands cutting tubes. This level of attention to detail (as with all our products) really is important. Rim bands are only necessary in the wheel well of wire wheels, where exposed spoke heads are present. Insulation tape is not adequate! (this also goes hard and will eventually cut the tube), so why not use Blockley rim band.