18/19 inch Rim Band (35mm wide)

This 18/19 rim band is suitable for wheel rim diameters of 18 and 19 inches. At 35mm overall width these bands will fit across almost every wheel well on the smaller width wheel rims. The Blockley rim bands are not feathered thin to their edges, as this causes problems with time. These are a Blockley designed and produced item, covering 2 rim diameters - whereas some other rim bands we note cover at least 4 rim diameters!

(£3.00 inc. vat)


Rim bands are used on wire wheels, placed in the wheel well, to protect the inner tube from the nipples which hold the spokes, so it is an important item which is essential to use - although one often sees people have used tape wrapped around and around! Spokes going to other parts of the wheel rim usually get covered by the beads of the tyre when everything is assembled.

The only time when a rim band is not necessary on a 18 or 19 inch wire wheel rim is when the spokes go only to the outside periphery of the rim, as on quite a few prewar MG's, so there are no spoke heads in the wheel well. If in doubt you can contact us.