18/19 inch Rim Band (45mm wide)

A 18/19" good quality Blockley Rim Band suitable for 19" wheels. Rim bands are needed to protect the inner tube from the spoke heads that are in the well of the wheel rim and are probably one of the most important (yet inexpensive) parts on a motor car!

(£3.60 inc. vat)


Blockley manufacture rim bands because we often do not like what we see, with some which are feathered at the edges. When they go hard with time they actually slice the tubes.
The Blockley rim bands are made from a softer compound with the edges square cut at the full thickness, which stops this problem occurring. This level of attention to detail (as with all our products) really is important, yet Blockley bands cost no more and often less than other bands. Rim bands are only necessary in the wheel well of wire wheels, where exposed spoke heads are present. Insulation tape is really not adequate, which also goes hard over time around the spoke heads as the heat embrittles the tape where there is no heat sink, which then also goes on to cut the tube, so always use a Blockley rim band if you can. It probably even costs the saem as the gaffer tape being wasted!