A superior quality Radial tyre 235/60 VR 13
We produce the only original specification Ford Capri tyre available.

Type Radial
Rim diameter 13"
Tread width 7.32"
Overall width 9.45"
Overall diameter 24.09"
Rim width (min) 6.5"
Rim width (max) 9"
Rim width (recommended) 7"
Speed rating V
Tread Pattern BR2

(£202.80 inc. vat)


This Blockley 235/60 VR 13 is a modern designed  steel belted Radial tyre, with an exceptional speed rating and period correct tread pattern, designed in house.

This is a tyre size which has been unavailable for 25 + years, until produced again by The Blockley Tyre Company.

We were persuaded to design and manufacture this size by HKT Reifen (Germany)  because his friend Walter Röhl needed them for his Opel Ascona rally car, which he was restoring. After he tested the prototype set we went into production.

This is a popular size for the big Fords

Early Capri and Escort Xpac Mk1, RS 2000, Chevette, Opel

Every one of these tyres is inspected and checked for dynamic balance - The small painted yellow circle on the side wall can be aligned with the valve stem by the tyre fitter so they know the optimum place to put it. We perform this additional inspection process as we are determined to supply the best possible no-compromise product.