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26x2 1/2 Blockley beaded edge / clincher tyre, made for a motorcycle, voiturette, cyclecar and light cars, are the best quality tyre made in this size. This tyre size was also called 650x65x55 in period, while the imperial size of this tyre in period was called "26 x 2 1/2 for 2 1/4 rim". Our "26x2 1/2 for 2 1/4 rim" Blockley tyre is built to original Dunlop factory specifications, with "Twin Stud" pattern and built using new tooling and moulds, with a high quality robust construction as in period.

Type Beaded Edge
Rim diameter 26x2 1/2 (2 1/4) rim - full outside to outside wheel diameter 575mm
Overall width 64 mm
Overall diameter 696 mm
Rim width (min) outside rim width 51mm on Westwood type beaded edge rim
Rim width (max) Outside rim width 56mm on C section beaded edge rim
Tread Pattern Twin-Stud

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Blockley Tyre Co. was asked to produce this 26x2 1/2 (for 2 1/4" rim) tyre size at the request of the Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), because the tyres currently available in this size from the various "wholesaler specialists" were built to a standard that they were inadequate - hence asking for help from Blockley to rectify the situation. In our collection is a 1901 Darracq 6 1/2hp Voiturette which uses this same 26x2 1/2 (for 2 1/4" rim) tyre size for the front wheels, and we have been using it on it's circa 60+ year old tyres because we know the old tyres on it are far better than anything we could replace them with! So there was an incentive for us to make a superior quality tyre in this 26x2 1/2 (for 2 1/4) size, with decent quality, built as well as can be made. We researched the project thoroughly, using original period tyres, in addition to the complete period Dunlop factory data which Blockley Tyre Co has also been lucky to aquire, to make sure everything was perfect for this Blockley 26x2 1/2 (for 2 1/4) tyre size.

Note that in period there was also a tyre marked "26x 2 1/2" , built later on, and made for a different wheel rim diameter altogether, which is a more unusual and rare size, so do not be confused by this. If in doubt about any of these sizes get in touch with Blockley Tyre Co. for clarification. The tyre size used commonly in period is the one we are making which was called 26x2 1/2 for 2 1/4 rim, which was also marketed and listed in metric as 650x65x55. Slightly confusingly, there was also in period a very similar sized tyre called 26x2 1/4 (called in metric 650x60) which fitted the same wheel rim. Since this 650x60 tyre size does not exist any more, people can only use the very similar dimensioned 650x60x55 (26x2 1/2 for 2 1/4 tyre) that we have listed here and produced. In other words, if your motorcycle, cyclecar or Voiturette originally had tyre size 26x2 1/4 (or 650x60) fitted to it, you can fit our very marginally larger overall diameter 26x2 1/2 for 2 1/4 tyres to the same wheel rim. . .

Unfortunately for decades the size 26x2 1/2 has been incorrectly used for this tyre size we have made, with the incorrect  650x65 size attached to it, so most people have now unfortunately got used to this totally incorrect description! So for now the heading to the tyre we make on our web page is actually  incorrect - just for consistency with the other tyres that the Classic tyre wholesalers are advertising! If you are in any doubts about what tyre size you need, or anything beaded edge / Clincher sized, get in touch with Blockley as we have the most extensive information anywhere in the world, with original factory data on the tyres, as well as all the data for the wheels they fitted. And unlike other tyre outlets we sell only what we produce.

From starting this tyre size project, it has taken nearly 4 years to make new moulds and tooling and have prototypes which have been altered until everything was perfect. The prototypes have been thoroughly tested on cars (early GN) and motorcycles, prior to going into production, adding this size to the long list of Blockley beaded edge tyres already available.

Note that these Blockley 26x2.5 tyres cost no more than any other alternative such as Ensign (a brand belonging to Vintage Tyre Supplies, purchased in recent times from a motorcycle enthusiast who was resposible got his Ensign motorcycle brand tyres made). Today, if you want a trouble free 26x2 1/2 tyre of superlative quality, with period correct looks and performance, then our Blockley tyre is the one you need, which we made only because of the lacking quality of everything else available, and made by us at the request of the Vintage Motorcycle Club. And remember also to think about fitting a decent quality inner tube which we can supply - see full tube details also.

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