30x3 1/2

A 30x3 1/2 beaded edge / Clincher type Blockley tyre designed with a good looking period correct diamond tread pattern, with a well researched robust tyre carcass and bead construction, designed in house at Blockley. Made on brand new tooling and moulds. This is the best 30x3 1/2 tyre ever made and not to be confused with other brands of tyres available from the Classic Tyre Wholesalers. Whenever Blockley makes a tyre size, you will find prices elsewhere get reduced with offers of free post and free this and that - but just remember what they are offering is just their same old stuff. If their tyres were a quality product, Blockley would not have been persuaded to make this 30x3 1/2 Clincher size!

The perfect 30x3 1/2 tyre for the Brass era Ford Model T as well as many other cars.  The 30x3 1/2 tyre size is also referred to sometimes as 30x3.5

Type Beaded Edge
Rim diameter 23" (beaded edge / clincher type)
Overall width 3.94" , (100mm)
Overall diameter 31.3" , (795mm)
Rim width (recommended) 30x3.5 Rim (overall outside width 75mm).
Tread Pattern Diamond

(£178.80 inc. vat)


This fantastic, well handling and superb quality tyre is the only 30 x 3 1/2 available that has the correct dimensions, with a larger diameter as they were in period, compared to much of what else is available which is too small.

Another Blockley high quality tyre suitable for many cars of the Edwardian and Vintage era, and a popular fitment for the Ford model T.

This authentic looking super high quality tyre should not be confused with other brands of 30 x 3 1/2 tires available elsewhere. We were persuaded to make this 30x3.5 size by a well known Ford Model T specialist in the UK due to the quality of tyres in this size supplied from the many "old car" tyre wholesalers not being particularly wholesome. And because we sell our Blockley tyres direct to the end user and garages, these best 30x3 1/2 tyres cost no more (or even less) than many of the other offerings such a Wards Riverside, Excelsior, Firestone and all the rest. But these 30x3 1/2 Blockleys are perfection and in a different league to anything else available. This is what Blockley Tyre Co is all about, making only the very best. The design of this diamond tread Blockley 30x3 1/2 tyre was made in house from scratch, with new tyre mould and tooling incorporating many improvements over the original design. This means it will work so much better and last so much longer than what owners today have been trained to think is acceptable! Those days are now over. And remember how much more cost effective a tyre is if, apart from the other advantages of quality and handling, it lasts so much longer as well.

For the later Ford Model T, Blockley also produce a super high quality 440/450x21, while for the earlier Model T front wheels the beaded edge size 30x3 is also available. Note also that in period there were also beaded edge / clincher tyre sizesize 31x4 and 31x4.45 which used the identical 25" wheel rim as the 30x3 1/2, and since these two tyre sizes are ino longer available, those needing replacements can use our 30x3 1/2 tyre.

Please note that Blockley also found it needed to manufacture its own inner tubes, as we were unimpressed with what was available. The Blockley inner tubes are made as they should be and in a different league to anything Model T owners have had to use in the past few decades ! With the thicker wall section, and made from the best material butyl, this will ensure these tubes will also keep the pressure in - which is important because beaded edge / clincher tyres need to be run at higher pressure, and you do not want tubes that need constantly pumping up.

These 30x3 1/2 Blockley period correct  tyres are the best beaded edge / Clincher tyres ever produced, not only because they are produced to period specifications, but also by using improved materials that were unavailable at the time.

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