32 x 4 1/2

32 x 4 1/2 Blockley tyre of awesome quality, with correct period triple stud tread pattern. This is the best quality 32 x 4 1/2 tyre available anywhere.

Type Straight Sided
Rim diameter 23"
Overall width 136mm
Overall diameter 875mm
Rim width (min) 2.75"
Rim width (max) 3.75"
Rim width (recommended) 3.2"
Load index 8 Ply rated. Load 1700lbs. (770kg.)

(£300.00 inc. vat)


A high quality "straight sided" tyre, with a tough 8-ply rated sidewall.  Suitable for 23" wheel rims (either split rim or well base), and perfect for cars such as Rolls Royce 20hp, Sunbeams and many cars from the 1920's - even the rear wheels for the Ford Ton Truck.

This tyre has the original authentic 3 stud tread pattern from the Vintage period (see photograph above and below), and the Blockley 32x4 1/2 tyre has the tallest and correct diameter of any 32x 41/2 available anywhere. These are a popular tyre fitment size from cars such as Rolls Royce 20hp to the rear wheels of the Ford Model T ton truck starting 1923, although many of these Fords also used 20" and 21"tyres . . .

Although 5.00x23 is a tyre size that was not listed in the 1920's, this 32x4 1/2 tyre is the equivalent.

We tested the prototype Blockley 32 x 4.5 tyres on the front of Mike Vardy's  aero engined 17 litre Fiat Isotta-Fraschini, which he uses on the road, hill climbs and circuit races at Goodwood track, to make sure they were perfect before going into production. Both the Blockley 32 x 4 1/2 and the 33 x 5 sizes (both these tyre sizes made for 23" rims) performed way beyond expectation, not showing any signs of stress after the most arduous conditions! And a revelation compared to what he was using before. These are the best tyres that have ever been made, and not to be confused with all the other brands of tyres available elsewhere listed with the Classic tyre wholesalers. And the reasonable price of the Blockley 32x41/2 is only because we sell them direct to the end user, without these wholesalers taking an extra margin in between.

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