32 x 4 1/2

32 x 4 1/2 Blockley  tyre.

Type Straight Sided
Rim diameter 23"
Tread width 100mm
Overall diameter 875mm
Rim width (min) 2.75"
Rim width (max) 3.75"
Rim width (recommended) 3.2"

(£300.00 inc. vat)


A high quality "straight sided" tyre, with a tough 8-ply rated sidewall.  Suitable for 23" wheel rims ( either split rim or well base), as fitted cars such as the Rolls Royce 20hp.  

This tyre has the original authentic 3 stud pattern (see photograph above and below)

We tested these 32 x 4.5 tyres on the front of Mike Vardy's  aero engined 17 litre Fiat Isotta-Fraschini, which he uses on the road, hill climbs and circuit races, to make sure they were perfect before going into production. Both the Blockley 32 x 4 1/2 and the 33 x 5 sizes (made for 23" rims) performed way beyond expectation!

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