600/650x19 Extra Heavy Duty Reinforced Inner Tube

A super thick extra heavy duty Blockley tube marked 600/650x19 only. The tube you suitable when using a larger 6.50 or 7.00x19" tyre or for use on something like the Peking-Paris where you want something  truly exceptional. This was why we were asked to make them. A superb quality rubber valve stemmed super thick reinforced butyl inner tube. A great product.

These inner tubes can fit in our Blockley 600x19 tyres (marked "550/600x19"), but are really ideal for for the larger 19" tyre sizes such as 650 and 700x19.

(£58.80 inc. vat)


This is an even thicker heavy duty tube than our already plenty thick standard tube. This heavy tube is ideal for very arduous conditions.

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