A fabulous beaded edge tyre you can use with confidence.
The Blockley 820 x 120 tyre. ( In period this size was also quoted as 32x5 )

Type Beaded Edge
Rim diameter 820 x 120 Rim
Tread width 123mm
Overall diameter 822mm
Rim width (recommended) 820 x 120 Rim Only

(£262.80 inc. vat)


A original fitment on 3 litre Bentley, Lancia Lambda and many Edwardian cars.

Vintage cars with the 820 x 120 size have historically been forced to change their wheels to well base construction, because of the dire quality and hideously high prices of the beaded edge tyres available, which wore out in no time. All these owners can now revert back to the correct 820 x 120 wheels and Blockley Beaded Edge tyres, with all the advantages that beaded edge offers. Light steering, spidery good looks and lovely handling in the manner intended by the designer of the vehicles. 

These Blockley tyres allow you to experience the delightful looks and light steering that the cars were designed for, without the trauma of continual breakdowns and unreliability, which is why so many have converted to more modern well base rims. These Blockley tyres are the best beaded edge tyres ever produced, not only because they are produced to period specifications, but also by using improved materials that were unavailable at the time.

It is interesting that since the BLockley range of Beaded Edge tyres was produced, that the lack lustre rival brands offered (hence the need to make the Blockleys) by the 'Classic' Tyre wholesalers such as Longstone Tyres, Vintage Tyres, Northants Tyres etc. simultaneousely slashed the prices of their offerings in the same sizes (only). This demonstrates how just he existence of The Blockley Tyre Company has a beneficial effect for people involved in the old car hobby, even if they choose to buy another brand.

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