Blockley Radial Sidewall labeling

Blockley Radial Sidewall labelling

A high speed rated tyre, manufactured with brand new moulds and tooling, designed by Blockley Tyre Company, with period correct tread patterns and side wall. Tyre labelling is not required on classic car tyres, but we label the Blockley Radial Tyres with the UTQG ratings of Tread wear 620 to 650 (showing good wear resistance), with Traction listed as A (ie Grip on wet roads) and Temp A (ability to dissipate heat) which scores A in each.

Every tyre is inspected and checked for balance with the lightest portion marked with a small yellow circle, something you will not see elsewhere any more on tyres made for the "Classic" cars, no doubt due to the extra cost. We believe that Blockley tyres and tubes are the best product available, otherwise there would be no reason for producing them. This is the ethos of the Blockley Tyre Company.