Why are metal valve caps safer?

Blockley fit metal valve caps on our Blockley inner tubes (on both rubber and metal stem) as a standard fitment. So why do we do this, when other leading inner tube manufacturers do not do this?

Typical current manufactures of inner tubes only supply a basic plastic dust cap fitted to their inner tubes for cost saving to increase their profit margins. then they offer metal caps as an expensive extra which can be a large percentage of the price of the tube itself! Or worse still, they do not offer this "extra". The reason Blockley fits metal caps as standard is to ensure that dirt and particularly moisture cannot get to the valve, plus in the event of the valve leaking the metal cap will ensure no air can escape, which is an extra safety feature. This could save someone a lot of misery! The cap on it's own screwed down properly will hold something like 250 psi of pressure.

Apart from looking more in keeping with the period, the Blockley metal caps also incorporate a handy tool to remove or tighten the valve.

Caps which we specify and purchase in bulk are a fairly insignificant cost, so we are shocked that Pirelli and Michelin's UK agent (Longstone Tyres) would charge an extra £4.20 plus post for a car set of caps for fitting on not only their Michelin tubes, but the budget brands they also supply.