AC - AC Sociable

The AC Sociable was a popular 3 wheeled machine built from 1908, which had a single cylinder rear mounted air cooled 631cc engine. There was also a bored out (by 1/4 inch) version of the engine increasing the capacity to 725cc. Production of this popular AC went to 1914, when manufacturing was interrupted by the war.

AC Sociable tyre was was originally 650x65, as size which is errouneously advertised, but it is a size that has not been made for perhaps 90 years. However the good news is that the 650x65 tyre shared the same wheel rim as the 700x80, so it is this 700x80 (also called 26x3) that fits the original wheels perfectly. Blockley produces the best quality 700x80 / 26x3 tyre with period correct pattern - see full details of this tyre at the link below:

Note that sometimes owners will find a larger diameter 710x90 somehow squeezed on to this narrow wheel rim! The 710x90 wheel rim is for a smaller diameter wheel which is much wider, but due to the pathetic quality of some beaded edge 710x90 tyres these have been somehow stretched on and fitted to the narrower rims with their smaller bead area - so if you have these larger tyres fitted and require replacements, double check the dimensions of your wheel. If there are any doubts or you need advice please contact us at Blockley Tyre Co.

Blockley Products for AC AC Sociable

26x3 (700x80)

Blockley Beaded Edge

£125.00 (£150.00 inc. VAT)

26 x 2.5 / 3 inner tube

£14.00 (£16.80 inc. VAT)