Alvis - Alvis 12/60

The Alvis 12/60 was produced from 1931, which was a sportier shorter wheelbase version, alongside the earlier 12/50 TJ from which it evolved. The 12/60 TK introduced in 1931 and 12/60 TL from 1932 were both fitted as standard with twin SU carburettors and a higher compression ratio using the well tried and tested 1645 cc four cylinder engine. The 12/60 was also available as a sporting saloon, a 4 seater sports and the 2 seater body known as the"Beetelback".

Alvis 12/60 tyre size was originally the 500x20, and Blockley manufacture the perfect tyre we mark "475/500x20" which we produced to the best quality possible, with a correct looking tread pattern. Not to be confused with the other brands of low grade 500x20 tyres! We were persuaded to make this Blockley 475/500x20 size by Alvis owners who were fed up of the offerings from the Classic tyre wholesalers. Yopu will not be disappointed - see full details below:

Blockley Products for Alvis Alvis 12/60

475/500 x 20

Blockley Triple Stud Crossply

£159.00 (£190.80 inc. VAT)

20/21 inch Rim Band (40mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.50 (£4.20 inc. VAT)