Humber - Humber 8/18

The Humber 8/18 was a new four cylinder light car of (56x100mm) 985cc, which had overhead inlet valves, which went into production in 1922. As with all Humbers made up to 1927, there were no front wheel brakes fitted on the 8/18, but in 1922 very little available would have had brakes on the front wheels in any case. After the First war, Humber concentrated on making medium and smaller sized cars, and the little Humber 8/18 was the first of these. The Humber 8/18 was made until 1925. There had been a very different twin cylinder 8hp Humber had built in 1914.

Humber 8/18 tyre size was 26x3 , which was also quoted in period as 700x80 which is the same tyre size. Blockley produces by far the best example highest quality 26x3 tyre, with a robust construction and with a period correct twin stud tread pattern. Full details below:

Blockley Products for Humber Humber 8/18

26x3 (700x80)

Blockley Beaded Edge

£125.00 (£150.00 inc. VAT)

26 x 2.5 / 3 inner tube

£14.00 (£16.80 inc. VAT)