Mercedes - Mercedes 770

The Mercedes -Benz 770, better known as the Grosser Mercedes, was built often for use by heads of state and usually for public ceremonial occasions - even the Pope had one! The 7.7 litre Mercedes-Benz type 770 was first produced in 1930 under the W 07 (W107) designation which continued in production to 1938, after which an altered design of Grosser Mercedes was made with a longer wheelbase and a new tubular chassis which was designated W150, and these cars were built to special order up to 1943.

Tyre size for the Grosser Mercedes type 770 was 7.00x20, and we have supplied our robust 8 ply rated 7.00x20 tyre for these cars. Some of the later cars were fitted with 17" wheels.

Blockley Products for Mercedes Mercedes 770

650/700 x 20

Blockley Triple Stud Crossply

£339.00 (£406.80 inc. VAT)

20/21 inch Rim Band (40mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.50 (£4.20 inc. VAT)