Panhard - Panhard (Veteran and Vintage)

Panhard-Levassor built a prolific number of car types, stating in the early 1890's, when the wheels had a steel band on them. But as an optional extra one could have a solid rubber exterior which made for a quieter ride. I believe this idea was first used in Paris on horse drawn carts so that residents would not be woken in teh early hours by deliveries. When pneumatic tyres were being fitted to the cars in the Veteran and Vintage period, remember many of these sizes became obsolete within a short period. Subsequently so many cars would have had a change of tyre size early on in their history, replaced with sizes more readily available, which we probably produce (or are producing) today.

760x90 tyre size for Panhard et Levassor Type X37

815x105 tyre size for Panhard et Levassor Type X5 , X16 , K9 

820x120 tyre size for Panhard et Levassor Type X18 , X21 , X31 , X36 , X39 , X45 , X44 , X45 

880x120 tyre size for Panhard et Levassor Type U5 , X3 , X7 , K3 , X8 , X11 , X12 , X23 , X29 , X35 , K25 , K26 

895x135 tyre size for Panhard et Levassor Type  X20 , X24 , X29 , K18 , X35 , X38 , X41 , X42 , K20 , X53 , X54  

Additionally some tyre sizes for Panhard models from the 1930's:

650x18 tyre size Panhard et Levassor Type 6DS 

550x18 tyre size Panhard et Levassor Type 6CS , 6CS Special , 6CSRL , 6CSRL2 

600/650x17 tyre size, Panhard et Levassor Type 6DSRL , 6DSRL2 , 6CSRL , 6CSRL2 , 6CS (1935) , 6DS (1935) , 6DS Special.