Renault - Renault Fuego

The Renault Fuego was a 3 door coupe built from 1980 and immeduiately became the best selling coupe in Europe, with a restyling in 1983. It was based on the flooorpan of the 18, the Fuego being the replacement for Renaults 15 and 17 models. Over the years there were 6 engine choices starting with the 1400ccTL, later 1650cc GTS (and detuned GTL)

Renault Fuego production carried on to 1986, although for the cars built in South America this continued to 1992.

Renault Fuego GTL and GTS was 175/70R13 and Blockley produces the perfect 175/70VR13 tyre - see full details below:

Blockley Products for Renault Renault Fuego



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