Rolls Royce - Rolls Royce 20 HP

The Rolls Royce 20 HP was an all new model produced for the post first world war economic climate. Prior to this Rolls Royce only made one chassis model, the top of the range expensive 40/50 Ghost, and it was correctly reasoned that a smaller lighter and altogether more affordable model was needed to keep the company in business. The 20 HP model was produced between 1922 and 1929 with a 6 cylinder engine of 3,128cc with overhead valves. The power produced was 50 hp at 3,000 rpm. The 20 HP was arguably under powered, but since it was not built as a performance car, was a high quality machine  perfect for the use to which it was intended. The Rolls Royce 20hp was the basisfor the later range of 6 cylinder engined Rolls Royces using the same basic engine, but with the bore enlarged from 76 mm  to 82 mm, and by 1956 (some 35 years later) stretched further to 89mm.

The Rolls Royce 20 HP was fitted with the tyre size 32x 4 1/2 , using 23" wheels of the split rim type. Blockley produce this 32 x 4 1/2 tyre with the correct period tread pattern, as well as a thicker correct inner tube. Many of the 20HP's were subsequently altered and converted to 21" wheels when it was difficult and too expensive to get the correct tyre size, in which case Blockley can also supply the 525x21 tyre.

Blockley Products for Rolls Royce Rolls Royce 20 HP

525 x 21

Blockley Triple Stud Crossply

£164.00 (£196.80 inc. VAT)

32 x 4 1/2

Blockley Straight Sided

£250.00 (£300.00 inc. VAT)

20/21 inch Rim Band (40mm wide)

Blockley Rim Band

£3.50 (£4.20 inc. VAT)

23 Inch Flaps

23" Flap

£29.00 (£34.80 inc. VAT)