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The Triumph TR7 was available from 1975 and was British Leylands successor not only to the Triumph TR6 but also the MGB. As the Triumph TR7 was introduced in 1975 so the MGB production was coming to an end, so that there would be no confusion for any customers looking for a sportscar in the British Leyland showroom! British Leyland at this time encompassed Standard-Triumph, Austin, Morris, MG, Jaguar and Rover. Harris Manns new wedge shaped body styling for the TR7 was a departure from anything else that had gone before it, the TR7 using a 2 litre version of the Triumph Dolomite engine, which had an alloy 8 valve cylinder head that produced 105 bhp at 5,500 rpm. An open top version of the TR7 was made from 1979, by which time the 5 speed gearbox had become a standard fitment. Triumph TR7 production ceased in 1983.

Correct tyre size for the TR7 Triumph varied depending on the year of manufacture. The earlier TR7's were specified with tyre size 175/70SR13, certainly up to 1977, after which the tyre size was widened with slightly larger diameter 185/70R13, both sizes of which were fitted on the same TR7 5J tubeless type wheel. The TR7 with V8 engines were all fitted from the start with the 185/70R13 size. Blockley produce both these Triumph TR7 tyre sizes, the 175/70VR13 and 185/70VR13, both with correct period looking steel belted high speed rated tyres which will be perfect for the TR7 and will transform the handling - guaranteed - see full details of both these TR7 tyre sizes below:

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