125R12 White Wall


125R12 tyre made by Blockley, of truly exceptional quality. We made this whitewall 125R12 tyre for the original "classic" Fiat 500 Cinquecento built between 1957 and 1977, which we are able to sell at a down to earth price because we sell direct to the end user and garages / restoration shops, without using the Classic tyre wholesaler outlets. This 125R12 tyre is a high quality white wall type, the whitewalling produced in the tyre mould during manufacture. A high quality authentic period correct tyre with a whitewall, priced at no more than a standard tyre!

Type Radial
Rim diameter 12"
Tread width 125
Overall width 127mm
Overall diameter 513mm
Rim width (min) 3.0"
Rim width (max) 4.0"
Rim width (recommended) 3.5"
Load index 62 (265kg.)
Speed rating S (112mph /180 kmh)
Tread Pattern BR1

(£90.00 inc. vat)


No 125R12 tyre available is as good as what we have made for the original Classic Fiat 500.  

A highest quality tyre made by Blockley for the Fiat 500 (1957 to 1977) covering the earlier Classic Fiat Cinquecento models of Nuova 500, 500D, 500F, 500L, 500R, 500 Gardiniera and so on . We produced this after being petitioned by members of the Fiat 500 Club who wanted something better than what was available. Using the Blockley 125R12 white wall also means that you no longer have to use white wall flaps, which end up damaging the inner tube if used for any length of time.

This 125x12 Blockley tyre has a significantly lower list price than a Michelin or Pirelli white wall, and about the same as a standard tyre, which is only possible because we sell direct to the end user, so you can get the best product at a realistic price, because there are no Classic Tyre Wholesalers getting in between. We have a Fiat 500 in our family as well, which was an extra reason for making this 125R12 size, wanting something of excellent quality and handling. Our aim was to list price this exceptional 125R12 whitewall tyre for as close a price to the standard blackwall tyres available elsewhere! By selling direct to the end user, it has been just about possible to do this. We have no doubt that, as usual, the Michelin and Pirelli tyre prices will mysteriously get lowered and the other usual shenanigans once a Blockley comes to the market - so watch this space!

This is a modern designed Radial tyre with steel belting featuring an authentic period tread pattern, designed in house at Blockley, and built on brand new moulds and tooling. The Blockley 125R12 tyre has correct period dimensions and perfect for the Fiat 500. And as per all our Blockley radial tyres guarantee, if you are not convinced they are the best tyres you've driven on we will refund.

Note that we have also produced a dedicated thicker Butyl inner tube because all available tubes we found to be too lightweight, which have caused people problems. This thicker Blockley Superior tube, made from the best material butyl which will also work well in a larger 145R12 tyre size.

For interest, in period a full diameter (also called 80 profile) tyre did not have the "/80" listed in the tyre size, because all radial tyres were full size. It was only much later as lower profile tyres started to become more common that many tyres started having the full profile marked on the sidewall. So 125R12 could also be referred to as 125/80R12, which both mean the same thing. Our Blockley tyres are marked just 125R12 on the sidewall because this is the authentic numbering as it would have been originally on what is now a "Classic" car.

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