The perfect 145 R 14 tyre built with a high quality steel belted design carcass, having a correct period authentic tread pattern, which has been made using new moulds and tooling to the usual Blockley high standards. The 145R14 tyre size can also be called a 145/80R14 tyre, because this size is a full size "80 profile" diameter tyre. These 145R14 tyres will be the best you will have ever driven on, guaranteed (see below), and a popular fitment for the Morris Minor, Minor 1000 and Morris Traveller, Lancia Flavia, Riley 1.5 or anything else requiring the 145R14 tyre size.

A set of four of the best tyres you can buy, for £248 plus tax - that's under £300, inclusive of vat!

Type Radial
Rim diameter 14
Tread width 145mm
Overall diameter 597mm
Rim width (min) 3"
Rim width (max) 4.5"
Rim width (recommended) 4"
Load index 82 (475kg.)
Speed rating T ( 118mph / 190 kmh )
Tread Pattern BR1

(£74.40 inc. vat)


The 145R14 tyre is the radial equivalent of the cross ply 5.00x14 and 5.20x14 tyre size, and only the Blockley 145R14 tyre is the closest in diameter you can get to the original cross ply 5.20x14 tyre diameter. These Blockley tyres are built to correctly fit the original wheels of the Morris Minor which are a 3Jx14 (3" rim width) while this tyre can also be used on wider rims up to 4.5" . Please take note that any tyre larger than a 145R14 size (such as a 155-14 or 165-14) is not recommended for for fitment to the original Morris Minor wheels which have quite a narrow 3 inch rim width.

Morris Minors that were produced with a 5.20x14 tyre size tend to be fitted today with the radial equivalent 145R14 tyre size. This means cars such as the Morris Minors and many other cars end up with a smaller diameter tyre than they would originally have had, which affects the gearing and speedometer reading, not to mention the look of the car. So to remedy this Blockley have produced this best handling tyre (the Blockley is a steel belted tyre unlike tyres such as the Camac brand) which is on the absolute maximum diameter tolerance, making this Blockley THE most correct equivalent tyre you can buy today. Have a look at the photos below and note how nicely the wheel arches are filled. Since this became known, our Blockley diameter 597mm (the maximum allowed for a 145R14) is now quoted on other tyres listed for sale, where they assume people will not check!

As with all Blockley radial tyres, we say drive normally for 30 miles or so, then use them for 1,000 miles or so and if they are not the best tyres you've driven on we will have them back for a refund! You will be pleasantly surprised, and the cars fitted with them will look so much better with the period correct tread pattern.

Note that in period a full diameter (also called 80 profile) tyre did not have the "/80" listed in the tyre size, because all radial tyres were full diameter "80 profile"! It was only later as lower profile tyres started to become common that many full size tyres started to have the /80 profile added on the sidewall. So 145R14 would also be referred to later on as 145/80R14, which both mean the same thing. Our Blockley tyres are marked just 145R14 on the sidewall because this is the authentic numbering as it would have been originally, on what is now a "Classic" car. In period, this 145R14 tyre was also referred to as 145-355 (a metric description).

The Blockley 145R14 tyres are E Marked and DOT marked (for use in the USA).

These Blockley 145R14 tyres are tubeless type and can be used without inner tubes, but if being fitted to non tubeless type wheels we also produce the thicker Blockley 145-14 tube to suit, not only heavier duty but also made from the best inner tube material, butyl - a tube the likes of which you will not come across anywhere else! And finally, when fitting, note that every single one of our Blockley tyres has been inspected for balance and concentricity, and there is a small painted on yellow circle on the sidewall - if your fitter aligns this with the valve stem, this is the optimum position to fit the tyre. No other Classic car tyre you can buy has this feature, no doubt because of the cost saving. . . .

And finally note that for those wanting these tyres with a white sidewall, these can be sent off to "Mr. Whitewalls" who can do this at a nominal cost

The 145R14 tyre size was a fitment on:

DAF 44 , DAF 55

Renault 16

Peugeot 204 , Peugeot 304 , Peugeot 305

Lancia Fulvia Coupe, Lancia Flavia Rally & Lancia Flavia Sport

Morris Minor,

Morris Minor 1000,

Morris Traveller

Riley 1.5

Wolseley 1500

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