A superior quality steel belted Radial tyre 165 R 13 with a good speed rating, at a surprisingly good price, only because we sell our tyres direct to the customer.

Type Radial
Rim diameter 13"
Tread width 162mm
Overall width 165mm
Overall diameter 593mm
Rim width (min) 4"
Rim width (max) 5.5"
Load index 82
Speed rating H (130mph)
Tread Pattern BR1

(£82.80 inc. vat)


This Blockley 165 R 13 is a modern designed full size "80 profile" (165/80 R 13) steel belted Radial tyre, with a good speed rating and period correct tread pattern, designed in house and supplied at exceptionally good value. Especially when you think the Blockleys are £120 each less than a Michelin XAS ! Our fantastic Blockleys are only so competitively priced because we sell direct and not through the Classic tyre wholesaler companies.

Every one of these tyres is inspected and checked for dynamic balance - The small painted yellow circle on the side wall can be aligned with the valve stem by the tyre fitter so they know the optimum place to put it. We perform this additional inspection process as part of supplying the best possible no-compromise product. 

A typical selection of the cars using this tyre size is :

Ford Cortina, Escort and Capri
Ford Corsair

Ford Zephyr , Ford Zodiac (close to original size of cross ply 6.40x13)
Sunbeam Alpine
Sunbeam Rapier
Lotus Elan +2
BMW 2002
BMW 1600
Fiat 124, Fiat 125
Vauxhall Victor and Ventura
Lancia Fulvia Zagato

Humber Sceptre, Super Minx

Hillman Hunter

GLS MG Metro

Triumph GT6 , Spitfire , Vitesse  (often fitted by owners).

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