205R16 M+S

The ONLY perfect 205R16 M+S radial tyre available today, with authentic period correct tread pattern built to the highest quality. Perfect for 4x4 vehicles such as the Classic Range Rover, Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Wagen. A tyre suitable for both road use or off road. The handling of this 205R16 tyre, as tested on and off road, is just exemplary. And nothing available anywhere else, including the XM+S 244 Michelin, has this period correct tread pattern. Why would anyone consider fitting anything else?

Type Radial
Rim diameter 16"
Overall width 208mm
Overall diameter 740mm (29.13 inches)
Rim width (min) 5"
Rim width (max) 7.5"
Load index 99 (775kg.)
Speed rating T ( 118mph / 190 kmh )
Tread Pattern BR3

(£166.80 inc. vat)


The 205 R 16 M+S Blockley is the perfect tyre for the Classic Range Rover and Mercedes G Wagen, with the diameter of 740mm. E marked and DOT marked for highway use. We produced this tyre after being persuaded to do so by a Range Rover restorer who wanted something to make the cars look "just right" and to restore the period correct look of the original car, yet with impeccable handling to match, making these cars look perfect on their Rostyle wheels. Nothing made today is like this, not even the MichelinXM+S244 that the Classic tyre wholesalers are now pushing so hard and discounting, which don't have the authentic tread pattern and look, as they like to claim.

The treads on the these 205R16 M+S Blockley tyres are fitted with the locations for fitting studs to the tread, just as they were in period, for those who want to fit tyre studs.

Since producing this tyre, both the tyre wholesalers Vintage Tyre Supplies and Longstone have gone to a lot of trouble pushing the Michelin XM+S 244 strenuously, claiming incorrectly that the Michelin "244"  pattern (that they are agents for) is the correct one for the early Range Rovers, which is just not the case. But we are pleased that they take so much attention of what Blockley produces, and reduced their Michelin price! That might suggest that even Michelins wholesalers know how good the Blockley 205R16M+S tyre is. The reasonable price of this Blockley 205R16 M+S is only because we sell direct to the end user and garages, which avoids the wholesaler middle men margins.

In addition to the Classic Range Rover this Blockley 205R16 M+S tyre is also ideal for the 1970 to 1995 era Land Rover 90 , Land Rover 110 and Land Rover Defender. Furthermore, this 205R16 M+S tyre is also the correct fitment for Mercedes G Class (1979 - 1990) "W460" 200GE , 230G and 240GD plus Mercedes G Class derivatives such as the Puch G. Speak with anyone that has tried these 205R16M+S Blockley tyres on a vehicle and hear just how good they work. Other vehicles that use this 205R16 M+S tyre size are the Toyota HiLux built from 1984 onward (4WD models) plus many other 4 wheel drive vehicles of the period. And also note that this 205R16 M+S tyre size is ideal when owners want something taller than a 215/65R16 size.

This good speed rated M+S (Mud and Snow) 205R16 Blockley tyre has a tread pattern and sidewall with the ideal look for the Range Rover and Range Rover Classic. And as with all Blockley tyres, they are built to the highest standards that is possible, with a sidewall affording a comfortable ride, but also with superb road manners.

Every single one of these tyres (as all Blockley radials) is inspected and checked for concentricity and dynamic balance. The small painted yellow circle on the side wall can be aligned with the valve stem when fitting for the optimum position on the wheel rim. We perform this additional inspection process as we are determined to supply the best possible no-compromise product, something you will not find on other brands of "Classic" tyres. 

Please note that we also make a Blockley super thick correct fitting butyl inner tube to suit, superior to anything else available, which is why we make them. This tyre size is a tube type tyre, as the XM+S tyre was in period, the reason being that if the tyre was knocked off the bead in use while off road it would not deflate. We would strongly recommend only the use of the tubes we have made to suit if you want trouble free motoring.  And because the Range Rover wheels have the larger valve stem hole we also supply an adapter fitted on our Blockley Superior tubes at no charge, for a perfect fit.

You will note that elsewhere for the 205R16 suitable inner tube Longstone list a Michelin "15/17H" at £26 plus tax, but when it comes to it, recommend a higher priced Michelin 16FRET inner tube as a better solution, which is not listed for this 205R16 M+S tyre. This might be something to do with making their overall package look less initially! Our heavy duty thick butyl Blockley tube is the perfect inner tube for the 205R16 M+S tyre.

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