This robust 30x3 Blockley beaded edge / clincher tyre has a perfect period correct diamond tread pattern designed by us at Blockley, and built to the highest quality that is possible. We were persuaded to made this 30x3 tyre at the request of many Ford Model T owners that are tired with what has been available in the last decades. 

Type Beaded Edge
Rim diameter 24 " (beaded edge/Clincher rim)
Overall width 87 mm
Overall diameter 792 mm
Tread Pattern Diamond

(£178.80 inc. vat)


This superb quality 30x3 tyre has the correct dimensions the 30x3 had in period. Some people think 30x3 means the diameter should be 30 inches, but this was not the case. But what is does mean is the rim diameter is 30 - 6 = 24 inches.

This authentic looking super high quality well researched 30x3 tyre should not be confused with other offerings of 30 x 3 tires by the likes of Coker (Excelsior , Firestone etc) , Wards and so on. Blockley Tyre Co. was persuaded to make this 30x3 size by a number of car owners and Model T specialists, due to the low quality of what is supplied from the many "Collector Hobby tyre wholesaler experts" who have had it so good for so long, supplying what they do. Yet by not selling through these experts we can sell our superb 30x3 at no more than the alternatives, which are in a different league to anything else available. A bold statement to make, but true!

This is what Blockley is all about, making only the very best, because we are car people ourselves and require decent product, whether it is tyres or inner tubes. The design of this diamond tread Blockley 30x3 tyre was made in house from scratch, with new tyre mould and tooling which incorporates the many improvements over the original diamond pattern to aid longevity. This means the Blockley 30x3 clincher / beaded edge will work so much better and last so much longer than what owners today have been trained to accept as normal! The days of the car owner being forced to buy costly low grade tyres are now over!  Whenever Blockley makes a new tyre size you will find the wholesalers start slashing prices with offers of free post, extra discount on bundles, free tubes etc. - but remember they are offering their same old stuff - product which had it been of adequate quality, Blockley would not have been persuaded to make this 30x3 size!

Note that Blockley also produces the 30x31/2 size, plus for later Model T also produced a super high quality 440/450x21 which you will be impressed with.

Finally remember that Blockley has also found it has needed to manufacture its own inner tubes, made as they should be and in a different league to anything Model T owners have been trained to think of as acceptable in the past few decades ! Made from butyl, thick and with a nickel plated metal stem.