760x90 Inner Tube

760x90 Blockley inner tube, with nickel plated metal valve stem, looking as they did in period. Sized correctly, super thick and made from the best material, butyl. With beaded edge / clincher tubes it is important to make one tube for each tyre size. Or if one tube is used in more than one tyre, that the dimensions are very similar. So unlike like a Michelin marked 760x90 tube, the Blockley 760x90 tube actually fits the 760x90 tyre size correctly! As far as we are aware, nobody produces a 760x90 inner tube with the correct dimensions, which is why so many people with 760x90 tyres that use their cars properly, end up having trouble! That is why Blockley makes this 760x90 tube, to go along with the 760x90 tyre we also produce.

(£46.80 inc. vat)


Designed in house, and produced from our own Blockley tooling, and made from Butyl material (the best material available). You will find that butyl tubes made today are quite thin as the better Butyl material means suppliers think they  can get away with this, but they can't!  These Blockley tubes have the thickness of how tubes were made in period, so they will put up with much more abuse, which is how it should be. This is why Blockley makes it's own beaded edge tubes, as we would not want to supply anything we've seen for the 760x90 tyre size we make. We cannot overemphasize that this Blockley 760x90 inner tube should be used when fitting a 760x90 Blockley tyre, for the reason that the dimensions of our tube are correct - unlike other tubes marked 760x90 that are actually incompatible with this size! But people making these other tubes are not end users of their own products, which may go some way to explaining things.  And because we sell direct, these metal stemmed tubes are inexpensive compared to the alternatives.

These 760x90 Blockley Beaded edge / clincher inner tubes have an "on centre" nickel plated valve stem with a length of 75mm (3").

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