34x4 1/2


34 x 4 1/2 tyre size by Blockley, with robust construction and authentic dimensions which means a larger diameter compared to for example the B.F.Goodrich Silvertown tyres avialable elsewhere. Our authentic double groove tyre tread design is correct for vehicles that used this 34x4 1/2 tyre size in period, which will provide great performance in the wet as well as dry conditions. 34x4 1/2 is also sometimes referred to as 34x4.5

Type Straight Sided
Rim diameter 25"
Overall width 5.2" , 132mm
Overall diameter 35.2" , 894mm
Rim width (min) 3.11"
Rim width (max) 4"
Rim width (recommended) 3.25"
Load index Max Load 1,700lbs. (770kg) @ 65psi
Tread Pattern Double Groove

(£450.00 inc. vat)

The Blockley 34x4 1/2 tyre project was initiated by a Mercer owner in Canada who enquired if Blockley would consider producing a straight sided tyre for a 25" wheel rim, because the Goodrich Silvertowns he already had were showing 3" to 4" cracks in the sidewall after only 2 years on his car. He had personally gone through 12 tyres in 4 1/2 years and getting fed up, and was aware of other owners using their cars on Tours that were unhappy at not only the the fast wear rate but other issues. Subsequent to all this, from his next set of Coker Goodrich Silvertown tyres, three had developed "sidewall bulging and vertical cracking". So with a ground swell of encouragement (and as word got out requests in the UK, Ireland and Germany) the Blockley 34x4 1/2 tyre project was put in hand, and these exceptional tyres are now finally produced.

Blockley Tyre Co. researched the 34x4 1/2 tyre size and discovered the current 34x4 1/2 Goodrich Silvertown is too small in diameter compared to the 34x4 1/2 tyre size in period. So after finalising the design, followed by making new moulds and tooling necessary giving a more appropriate diameter, a number of prototypes were built, and the moulds altered until we arrived at a superb finalised product. What Blockley has produced is an authentic outstanding 8 Ply rated tyre of robust quality offering excellent handling which will have good longevity, and we believe it to be the best 34x4 1/2 tyre available anywhere!

The inner tube used for this 34x4 1/2 tyre is the 880x120 tube size.

The 34x4 1/2 size tended to be used on larger and more powerful machinery, which requires a suitably good quality tyre for those that use their cars, hence our having to make this tyre size. And finally note that we retail these Blockley 34x4 1/2 tyres at a price similar or considerably less than the other brands sold elsewhere, because we sell our Blockley tyres direct to the end user or garages and this way bypass the Classic Tyre wholesalers and their markups. This way not only do you get the very best product, as well as looking authentic, but these Blockleys (and all other tyres produced in our 60+ range) are also at a realistic and fair price.

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