880x120 Inner Tube

A Blockley 880x120 dedicated correct exact dimensioned butyl inner tube, with nickel plated valve stem looking as in period. Nothing is as good as what we have produced. And the only reason for producing this tube is that we make the tyre that needs it.

(£72.00 inc. vat)


For your interest the Michelin 880x120 tube is marked "920x120, 895x135, 880x120, 815x105", typical of what big companies do to save money and give their wholesalers big margins to sell this stuff. That is four very different sizes of tube, which is why things don't work properly. Blockley make one tube per tyre because that is how it should be and that is how things were, but this costs ore to do - 4 times as much in our case, yet our tubes cost no more and often less. The rip off that is the Classic Vintage tyre and tubes market!  

At Blockley we make one tube for one tyre on our own dedicated tooling. The super thick Blockley 880x120 inner tube is sized for the 820x120 Blockley tyre, and this tube is only for this tyre size as it should be. But the big companies either don't understand this, or don't care. So that is why Blockley had to end up making it's own superior quality inner tube, why Blockley products are the best you can buy, because we are also end users of the products we produce. And teh reason they cost no more than the alternative is because we sell these tubes direct to the end user or garages without the Classic tyre Wholesaler commissions in between.