350 x 19

A 3.50 x 19 highest possible quality tyre with a correct period triple stud pattern, unlike other brands of triple stud 350x19 tyres who scaled down our larger Blockley 400x19 size, which makes their 3.50x19 treads look like tractor tyres! This 350x19 Blockley tyre is totally authentic looking, well researched with the treads and other details looking  as a 3.50x19 tyre in period, with a perfect tyre construction and terrific handling and speed rating. These tyres will transform the handling of any car they are fitted to.

Type Crossply
Rim diameter 19"
Tread width 2.76"
Overall width 3.70"
Overall diameter 25.98"
Rim width (min) 2"
Rim width (max) 2.75"
Rim width (recommended) 2.25"
Load index 65 (290kg.)

(£88.80 inc. vat)


The original fitment size for the Dixi, Austin 7 Chummy and some Amilcars.  People just cannot believe the huge improvement in handling after fitting a 350 x 19 Blockley as these are a properly designed tyre for motorcars, unlike a motorcycle type carcass or other available classic car tyres.  Because of our superior design and the tough sturdy nature of this tyre, this 3.50x19 genuine road tyre has also been used in competitions and regularly seen in sprint, hill climb and circuit racing events.  A very impressive tyre at a disproportionally low price, which we can achieve because we sell them direct to the end user without a tyre wholesaler in between!  We also produce a super-thick bespoke tube to compliment this tyre, made to fit only this 3.50x19 tyre size. The larger 4.00 x 19 tyre has its own bespoke tube, which is how it should be, rather than the multi-size marked tubes sold elsewhere.

This is why we coined the term Road/Race for tyres when we started. Which has been copied (as have many of our tyres) by the classic tyre wholesalers who we do not sell through. So beware of imitations!

All Blockley tyres are made with new moulds and tooling and a high level of quality control, resulting in a product of unsurpassed quality, roundness and conformity.

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