350x19 TR6 Valve Stem Inner Tube

A 3.50x19 inner tube, correctly dimensioned and of unbelievable quality, dedicated for the 350x19 tyre size only. With it's thicker wall thickness, and being made from the best iner tube material (Butyl) these will be a problem free inner tube that holds it's air!

There is no tube available anywhere that is as good as this Blockley 350x19, to compliment our 350x19 Blockley tyre. We can sell the best quality at these incredibly low prices only because we sell direct to the end user / garages without going through the "Classic" tyre wholesalers .

(£12.00 inc. vat)


Older car (and motorcycle) wheel rims that use a 350x19 tyre always use the smaller 8mm valve stem hole which takes the Schraeder "TR6" metal valve stem. Used on the smaller cars such as Austin 7, it is also what you will often see on a older motorcycles. The Blockley range of inner tubes are unlike anything else available, which is why we make them. Not only because they are thicker and made from the best material using our own tooling, but using this 350x19 tube as an example, we manufacture this inner tube only for the 350x19 tyre. That means our 400x19 tyre has it's own bespoke 400x19 inner tube - not a multi size marked 350 and 400x19 which would have to stretch too much. And because we sell all Blockley tyres and tubes direct to the customer (plus rim bands which protect the tubes from spoke heads in wire wheel wells), and not through the Classic tyre Wholesaler companies, it means the best tubes in the world cost no more than the cheaper made alternatives. There is no reason not to fit a Blockley Superior Tube in anything.

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