400x19 TR6 Inner Tube ( 8mm diameter valve stem)

A thick dimensionally accurate inner tube made from butyl with a metal 8mm diameter valve stem, made for the 400x19 tyre size only. These 400x19 Blockley inner tubes are the best available anywhere in the world.

(£18.00 inc. vat)


This valve stem (TR6) is used on cars such as Austins, smaller MG's etc and is also the valve stem found on motorbikes. If your wheel rims have the larger 11.5mm hole we also make valve stems suitable for these in rubber "TR13" and metal "TR11" types.

Usually older car and motorcycle wheel rims that use a 400x19 tyre have the smaller 8mm valve stem hole. The Blockley range of inner tubes are the best, which is why we make them. Not only because they are thicker and made from the best material using our own tooling, but using a 400x19 tube as an example, we make this inner tube only for a 400x19 tyre. Not for a 350x19 (which has it's own tube) or a 450x19 (which has its own tube) and so on. Because we sell direct and not with the Classic tyre wholesalers it means the best tyres in the world cost no more than the alternatives. There is no reason for not fitting a Blockley Superior Tube is anything.