400 x 19

4.00 x 19 Blockley cross (bias) ply tyre with a correct period triple stud pattern, with exact and accurate 400x19 tyre dimensions. This is not one of your multisize marked tyres! For the smaller 3.50 section size we make a different tyre, and for a 4.50 section we again make a different tyre.

Type Crossply
Rim diameter 19"
Tread width 3.20"
Overall width 4.30"
Overall diameter 28.20" (716mm)
Rim width (min) 2.25"
Rim width (max) 3"
Rim width (recommended) 2.25"

(£124.80 inc. vat)


This 4.00x19 tyre looks exactly as produced by Dunlop in the day with the same details dimensions, and produced with Blockleys high build and design quailty that will genuinely transform the handling of your vehicle, especially compared to the motorcycle type 400x19 tyres used by owners of old cars that have a sidewall that is too weak for motor car use - remember an Avon Motorcycle tyre has a very different design and construction for a wholly different application where the tyre does not stay vertical in cornering.  The Blockley 400x19 has a very deep tread depth which works on the lighter cars it was designed for such as the MG M or P Types and some "Light Cars"which were mostly originally fitted with beaded edge tyres (which we also manufacture).  We have noticed that today our 400x19 is even used on some large capacity aero-engined specials which goes to demonstrate the quality of the construction of these Blockley 4.00x19 tyres! These tyres have also been used on some motorcycles, as well as being perfect for sidecars. Unlike the rest of the Blockley range of cross ply tyres, this 400x19 size really is as identical to the original prewar product as is possible. We did this because with the lighter cars it was built for, it was not necessary for us to make any modifications to the tread block design.

This is why we coined the term Road/Race for tyres when we started. Which has been copied (as have many of our tyres) by the classic tyre wholesalers who we do not sell through. So beware of over priced imitations!

All Blockley tyres are made with new moulds and tooling and a high level of quality control, resulting in a product of unsurpassed quality, roundness and conformity. And the low price of this high quality tyre is only because we sell direct to the end user or garages, and not through the "Classic" tyre wholesalers . . 

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