440/450 x 21

440x21, 450x21

A 440/450 x 21 Blockley tyre, with a correct period tread pattern, built to a quality unlike anything else you will have come across - yet at a price considerably less than the the 440/450x21 Firestone or BF Goodrich brands. The reason for being able to have a realistic list price for this 440/450x21 tyre is because we sell direct to the end user and garages / restoration shops and not through the Classic car tyre wholesalers - so we do not have to build in any "middle man" comissions. Blockley was started to make the best products only, and this tyre is a truly exceptional product as a result. These tyres will transform the handling of your car, compared to anything else you have experienced!

Nothing available elsewhere is of this quality, which is why we were asked to make this tyre in the first place. Since making this tyre just look at the price reductions and special offers and free this and that and free postage available elsewhere !

Type Crossply
Rim diameter 21"
Overall width 120mm
Overall diameter 775mm

(£178.80 inc. vat)


A dual marked 440/450 x 21 size tyre which we dual marked only because other brands have also been dual marking "440/450 x 21" so today that is what customers have been trained to ask for! We were persuaded to make this tyre size by owners who were fed up with the low quality of what else is available. 

This 440/450x21 Blockley tyre size is the perfect tyre for the later Model T Ford of 1926 / 1927 as well as the earlier Model A Ford. You will not be disappointed. Since making this tyre, it has even proved itself in off road trialling! This 440/450x19 tyre size is also suitable for many other Vintage cars such as Aston Martin, Austin, Humber, Bugatti Type 30 and so on. 

All Blockley tyres are made with new moulds and tooling and a high level of quality control, resulting in a product of unsurpassed quality, roundness and conformity.

Please note we have also made a super high quality thick Blockley inner tube (made from butyl) which fits this tyre size correctly, and again in just a totally different league to anything else you will have come across. When ordering these tubes please specify whether you requite the valve stem for an "on centre" position as fitted to the Ford Model T, or the valve stem off centre for most other wheel rims (which we provide in rubber and metal valve stem choices).

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