450/500x17/18 Race Valved Inner Tube

 Blockley quality thick butyl inner tube with metal nickel plated metal valve stem suitable for tyre sizes 450x18 to 500x18. Blockley make the best tubes in the world and, like our tyres, are made with no compromises.

(£34.80 inc. vat)


Metal stems have advantages over the rubber stems (see our technical articles on this site) and are the choice for people racing and so on. Valve stems were always metal until the advent of rubber stems. The Blockley range of inner tubes, produced on our own Blockley tooling, with a generous thickness, are unlike anything else available. We made these inner tubes because there was nothing available that we would be happy supplying to customers who were having our 450/500x18 tyres, which is why we embarked on making our own Blockley superior inner tubes. Not only are our inner tubes made using the best material (Butyl), but we use the same thickness as the tubes prewar.  We manufacture this inner tube only for the 450, 475 and 500x18 tyre sizes, and nothing else, although they would be perfect for the same size tyres in 17". At Blockley we are unlike the big Classic suppliers preference of having one tube with alot of widths and diameters listed on them! Selling Blockley tubes direct (along with our tyres) to the end user or garage, and avoiding the Classic tyre Wholesaler companies, results in the best tubes in the world cost no more than the cheaper made alternatives. We also produce a inner tube this size with a rubber valve stem at a lower cost. And don't forget to fit the Blockley rim bands.

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