600/650 x 17 A6C


A super high quality, excellent speed rated Blockley 6.00/6.50 x 17 tyre with a perfect period correct Blockley A6C tread pattern. This tyre is unlike anything else available anywhere.

Type Crossply
Rim diameter 17"
Tread width 5.08"
Overall width 7.17" / 182mm
Overall diameter 30.51" /775mm
Rim width (min) 3.62"
Rim width (max) 5"
Rim width (recommended) 4"
Speed rating H
Tread Pattern A6C

(£288.00 inc. vat)


Since there are no good tyres produced in a 17" inch size, we needed to produce this 600/650x17 size for a car that we were restoring. This 600/650x17 tyre size is a useful fitment for many Delahaye as well as prewar Hotchkiss models, the 4 1/4 Derby Bentley MX and a number of post-war French cars, the later post war 6C2500 Alfa Romeos, and of course many of the prewar Mercedes from 290 to 380, 500K and 540K, plus many American cars such as Auburn and Cord.  This 600/650x17 Blockley tyre uses our good looking period A6C pattern, which is based on patterns that existed from the mid 1930s onwards until the early 1950s.

A long term Delahaye specialist and restorer trying these tyres for the first time just could not believe the difference they made to the ride, handling and precise steering and has since removed all his Michelin tyres from teh Delahayes to refit with Blockley 600/650x17 inch tyres. You will not believe how good these Blockley tyres are compared to anything else that is sold elsewhere. Yet these 600/650x17 Blockley list price is considerably less than other tyres being sold, and this is because we sell direct to the end user and garages, and avoid the mark ups for the Classic tyre wholesalers. In this way, the best product works out about the least costly!

Sometimes we are asked for this 600/650x17 tyre with a whitewall - all tyres can be whitewalled and we have found a company in the UK (Mr. Whitewalls) that do a very nice job for a nominal price, so in these cases we deliver the tyres for whitewalling and the customer can deal direct, or we can arrange this.

All Blockley Cross (Bias) ply tyres are made to fit the original rim widths. These Blockleys are genuine road tyres for road use, with a robust sidewall and covering, capable of being 'curbed' as you would expect from a tyre suitable for road use, although some people do compete with these. The tyres are hogh speed capable with 130mph rating, but we did this only to ensure a good product, requiring little balance and so on.

All Blockley tyres and inner tubes are made using our own new moulds and tooling, correctly researched and with and a high level of quality control, resulting in a product of truly unsurpassed quality, roundness and conformity. Ultimately we are end users of the Blockley products ourselves, and only make these tyres because we wanted a no compromise perfect product for a car we were restoring.

We would also recommend the use of the perfect fitting thick butyl inner tubes that we have produced to suit (and rim bands if you have wire wheels) which are available in a choice of rubber valve stems or the metal nickel plated stems (as cars used prewar / post war on competioin cars).

And as a final note, don't forget to fit a correctly sized rim bandwe supply if fitting to wire wheels.

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