600/650x19 Race Valved Inner Tube

A dedicated 600/650x19 inner tube, by Blockley, with generous thickness which is the best tube you can buy, anywhere. It is made from Butyl which is the best material that can be used for inner tubes. This version of our 600/650x19 tube has a metal nickel plated valve stem, as they were in period (rubber stem valves did not exist prewar). You will find that for example a Michelin tube marked up with a 600x19 size is their 700x21 tube which they recommend for a 600x19 tyre! This is one reason why Blockley has made this dedicated correct inner tube, as we produce tyres that require correct fitting inner tubes.

(£56.40 inc. vat)


Note this tube is not marked for 18" tyres as other brands. For 18" we have different tubes. This shows why there are so many actual Blockley tube sizes, rather than how the other suppliers do it - a few tubes with plenty of sizes written on them! We use this inner tube size with our Blockley 600x19 tyres (marked "550/600x19") and 650x19 tyres. It is also the tube that many use in their 700x19 tyres.

Remember if you have a tyre marked 550/600 it will be a 600x19, so this tube is what you are after. Fitting  a tube other than the Blockley will be something incorrectly sized, which will lead to other issues. And finally don't forget to fit a rim band if you have wire wheels, to protect the inner tube from the spoke heads in the well of the wheels rim.

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