600/650x19 Inner Tube

A Blockley tube marked 600/650x19. An exceptional quality rubber valve stemmed thick butyl inner tube for the Blockley 600 and 650 section 19" tyres. This is the best tube you can buy. This version of our tube has the rubber valve stem, but we also supply a metal stemmed version (which is what vehicles were fitted with prewar as rubber stems did not exist), as well as a super heavy duty tube. For interest you will find that a Michelin tube marked up with a 600x19 size is their 700x21tube (which they mark up as covering tyre sizes 550x19 to 700x21) whereas Blockley make 3 seperate tubes to cover the range that Michelin claim with one tube! And there are other brands where the tube is for an 18" size as well, as in the case of the Waymaster. Blockley tubes are different - we make separate tubes for these other sizes, as it should be, and was. Hopefully this will partially show why Blockley had to end up making inner tubes (and tyres) so that we could supply a no compromise product with the Blockley tyres we produce . . .

We use these inner tubes in our Blockley 6.00x19 tyres (marked "550/600x19"), and 6.50x19 tyres.

(£51.60 inc. vat)


Remember if you have a tyre marked 550/600 it will be a 600x19, so this tube is suitable. 

And also note that for 18" tyres we make a different tube sizes. Other brands tend to lump their 18" and 19" tubes together and make a "one tube fits all", while others lump the 19 and 21"tube sizes together, so they dont have to make as many tubes as used to be made, no doubt due to the cost. This hopefully demonstrates to teh reader why there are so many ACTUAL individual Blockley tube sizes, rather than a few tubes with plenty of sizes written on them, like you get given from the Classic Tyre specialists. Doing it our way, as it was originally, costs considerably more, but because we sell direct and do not have any wholesalers in between us and the customer, our prices do not reflect this. If you want a corectly sized high quality tube, then the only tube to use is the Blockley.

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