710x90 Inner Tube

Blockley 710x90 inner tube, with nickel plated metal stem, as they looked like in period. A super thick and dedicated 710x90 sized inner tube, made from the best material Butyl, so air does not leak as on normal rubber. Blockley makes this inner tube only because we produce our beaded edge 710x90 tyre which we needed a correct and perfect tube for, one that does not continually need pumping up!

(£51.60 inc. vat)


At Blockley we make one tube for one tyre, on our own dedicated tooling. This is the 710x90 size for the 710x90 Blockley tyre, and as all Blockley products, it is the best product that you can buy, otherwise there would be little pont making it. This is why Blockley exists! These Beaded edge / clincher inner tubes have an "on centre" nickel plated valve stem with a length of 75mm (3"). This 710x90 tube can also been fitted to 700x85 tyre size.

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