760 x 90 Beaded Edge / Clincher tyre produced by Blockley Tyre Co. A fantastic beaded edge tyre which importantly has the period correct much taller diameter! Other brands of 760x90 tyres available from the Classic tyre wholesalers have been made with a diameter that is too small. This Blockley 760x90 tyre is the best tyre ever produced, with correct robust construction as in period, which you can use with full confidence. We have also manufactured a perfect fitting thick 760x90 butyl inner tube, the only correctly sized 760x90 tube available.

Type Beaded Edge
Rim diameter 760x90 Rim
Tread width 95mm
Overall diameter 776mm
Rim width (recommended) 760x90 Rim Only

(£238.80 inc. vat)


A popular tyre size used on many early models of Veteran and Edwardian De Dion Bouton cars, and a size in use up to the mid 1920's. Our Blockley tread pattern happens to be the most authentic looking for the De Dions This Blockley 760x90, unlike every alternative brand available today, has the correct andmuch taller diameter making these dimensionally as 760x90 was in period. This robust Blockley is the best made 760x90 tyre that has ever been made.

Our research also shows that the wheel rim used for the 760x90 tyre size was also used for other tyre sizes that are no longer available - so if your vehicle was originally fitted with the no longer available 765x105 tyre size, or a 750x85 size, then our 760x90 tyre can be fitted on the same rim as a replacement. When you consider that our competitors have priced their 765x105 tyre at between £570 and £650 with taxes (reduced since the advent of the Blockley), it is no wonder people appreciate the Blockley alternative!

The Blockley beaded edge range was embarked on only because it was realised that the tyres for sale were of an inferior quality to what was available in period, and we wanted something wholesome that could be used without the trauma of what has become the modern day beaded edge phenomenon.

So spread the word, especially because the De Dion Club in the UK has struck a deal with tyre wholesaler Longstone Tyres that the Club get paid to make sure these superb Blockley De Dion specific tyres cannot be mentioned or advertised in the De Dion Club magazine! We have been told only Longstone Tyres are allowed to advertise and sell tyres to De Dion Bouton Club members. Unfortunately when something good like Blockley comes along, there is a lot of politics from some parties to try and suffocate it! We take their interest in Blockley Tyre Co, and the shenanigans they get up to, as a compliment, and are aware know this is not the only Car Club with this policy. . . 

Please also note that no manufacturer, other than Blockley, makes a correctly sized inner tube for a 760x90 tyre, even though Michelin have been selling a dedicated tube marked 760x90 through the usual Classic tyre wholesalers for decades that is completely the wrong size. You would have thought since the wholesalers occasionally fit these, and give all knowing advice and profer videos on how to do all this, that they would already have worked this out! These 760x90 Michelin tubes are far too big in diameter and too small in section and nothing to do with the size 760x90 printed on the side. No wonder people have trouble, but these Tyre Wholesalers just keep pushing them!  "But it's a great brand and look how thick it is and buy some more at circa £60 each" will be the retort!

We know someone in The Netherlands who ended up having to eventually run his Veteran De Dion Bouton fitted with 760x90 tyres without inner tubes but filled with expanding foam rather than suffer the continual punctures on the London to Brighton Run. Life really is too short for this sort of situation when it is not necessary, while the misery it causes sucks the pleasure out of what is after all a hobby. I am guessing the purpose for making these inferior yet highly expensive products is to line the pockets of those selling them, who simultaneously do their damnedest to shut the Blockley project down, to make sure they still sell this stuff.  I suppose that's part of what makes them great businessmen.

Blockley recommend that our Blockley 760x90 tyres be fitted with correct "Blockley Superior" 760x90 tubes if you want to have something reliable and perfect to avoid issues.  When you combine the price of the Blockley tyre and the Blockley tube, the overall price is excellent value, especially when you consider the high quality and what your probably higher priced alternatives are. You'll find at Blockley this is a regular occurrence with our tyres and tubes, where the best product, which is what we produce, is no more and often less than what the "big brands" can get away with, yet our product is infinitely better in every aspect. We don't have to include the mark ups that the wholesalers require because we sell direct, so Blockley can just concentrate on making the very best that can be made.

The beaded edge Blockley range allows you to experience the delightful looks and light steering that the cars were designed for, without the trauma of continual breakdowns and unreliability, and having to keep your fingers crossed while driving, which is why so many people have unfortunately often converted to more modern well base wheel rims. But now with the Blockley beaded edge tyre range you can have something reliable and built as it should.

These well researched Blockley 760x90 tyres are the best beaded edge tyres ever produced, not only because they are produced to period specifications, but also because we are using improved materials that were unavailable at the time. And Blockley is about making the best, not about being the most profitable, because we are ourselves car people with vehicles that require decent wholesome correct product, whereas the big companies and their agents are doing what they do for different reasons (although there will be much Corporate talk of commitment and tradition and how they actually love us etc) which they do by controlling the market and trying to choke off any sales that they don't control. Capitalism at its best!

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