The Blockley 760 x 90 tyre. A fantastic beaded edge tyre you can use with confidence.

Type Beaded Edge
Rim diameter 760x90 Rim
Tread width 95mm
Overall diameter 776mm
Rim width (recommended) 760x90 Rim Only

(£226.80 inc. vat)


Popular on many models of Veteran De Dion Bouton., and a size in use up to the mid 1920's  The Blockley 760x90, unlike every alternative brand available today, has the correct taller diameter as they should be. The Blockley is the best tyre you can buy. We made our beaded edge range only because of what else is available being not what we would want to use ourselves.

Please also note that nobody other than Blockley makes a correctly sized inner tube for a 760x90, even though Michelin have been selling a tube marked 760x90 through the usual Classic tyre wholesaler experts for decades. We would not recommend these be used in any 760x90 tyre, including the Blockleys. It is therefore absolutely imperative that our 760x90 tyres are fitted with correct size "Blockley Superior" tubes if you want to avoid having continual problems and misery in use!

The range of beaded edge Blockley tyres allows you to experience the delightful looks and light steering that the cars were designed for, without the trauma of continual breakdowns and unreliability, which is why so many have converted to more modern well base rims. These Blockley tyres are the best beaded edge tyres ever produced, not only because they are produced to period specifications, but also by using improved materials that were unavailable at the time.

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